Motion Graphics Showcase

Artique Studios is our Motion Design Partner!

In order to optimize our capabilities and grow as one brand, we made the strategic decision for our agency to partner with Artique Studios for all our Motion Design, 3D Animation and Video Production projects.

The Venue | Motion GFX

The Venue –This is an open for The Venue. The Venue is a southern gospel encore showcase of various musical perfomances. Motion GFX: Brion Long.

Wretched | Motion GFX

Wretched –with Todd Friel. This show open won a silver Create Award. Motion GFX: Brion Long.

Jot The Dot | Motion GFX

Jot The Dot –A classic Christian cartoon from the 70's. In 2009 he has been reborn into to 3D. He now has a fulltime job as the mascot for Family Net televison. Motion GFX: Brion Long.

Wacky World | Motion GFX

Wacky World –The Wacky World of Bruce barry Show Open promo. Motion GFX: Brion Long.

Crab Kwand Do | Motion GFX

Crab Kwand Do –an Animation that promoted taking care of the Chesapeake Bay so that the Maryland Blue crabs would be healthy. We were responsible for modeling the crab, and the scene in the original video viewable atChesapeake Club. Motion GFX: Brion Long.

Bridges | Motion GFX

National Geographics - Bridges –Bridges for National Geographics 3 part documentary series about the obstacles faced and conquered to construct these massive structures. Motion GFX: Brion Long.


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